Special Government Projects

As a Company with capabilities in cutting-edge technologies, PTN is currently progressing discussion with the Government of Republic of Indonesia to provide tailor made solutions to Indonesia’s tsunami warning system and forest fire management. Both of these solutions are designed with underlying satellite technology and MIMO satellite communication technology of PTN.

PTN has signed a cooperation agreement with Nanjing China-Spacenet Satellite Telecom Co., Ltd - 南京中网卫星通信股份有限公司 (Nanjing Spacenet) to collaborate to undertake the two disaster management projects in Indonesia by providing comprehensive solution for Tsunami Warning System (TWS) and Forest Fire Management.

The TWS solution will mainly focus on GNSS-R (Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) – Reflectometry) on the sky which has the advantages of wide coverage, no climatic conditions, high precision and high automation, and has epoch-making significance in the history of satellite navigation technology development.

Concurrently, a comprehensive solution for Forest Fire Management which include a set of VSAT (fix and portable) telecommunication system, aerial monitoring with Photoelectric Pod and setting up a mesh communication network for the field personnel.