Dr. Ge Fenglu
CTO/Chief AI Officer

Dr. Ge joined PTN in 2019. Graduated from the University of Wollongong, Australia in 2005 with a Master degree in Engineering of Computer and Telecommunication. After working as a programmer for a few years in 2010, Dr. Ge became a Ph.D candidate at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Dr Ge’s Ph.D thesis is on application of machine learning as the basis for the Learning from Demonstration that can augment human beings with robots, without compromising safety and efficiency. In 2015, Dr Ge successfully completed this thesis and obtained his Ph.D. 

Dr Ge is a very focused and result oriented individual which are great assets in his role as the head of R&D team for the Company. His expertise on machine learning put him in a perfect position to develop the Artificial Intelligence platform for the Company, in particular the autonomous vehicle.