Mr. Tee, Hendrianto

Hendrianto joined PTN in 2019. Graduated with Magna Cum Laude from Walsh University, USA in 1991. Hendrianto spent 15 years in banking with a focus on debt capital markets through financial institutions like Bank Boston (now Bank of America), Chinatrust Commercial (now CTBC) and UBS. Hendrianto shifted into corporate sector joining Charoen Pokhphand (CP) Group operation in Indonesia before overseeing project funding and development for Brockman Mining Limited, a Hong Kong listed iron ore mining company with projects in Australia. Hendrianto’s financial industry experience spans from industry and market research, debt capital market, mergers & acquisition, and corporate finance structuring.


Hendrianto is an open minded individual that able to adapt and manage change quickly. He has carried this trait during most of his career and presently applying this trait under the Internet of Things and Boundary Spanner of Technological Collaboration concept of PTN. Additionally, his change management strength allow Hendrianto to listen and understand various levels of ideas and obstacles face by the team and transform them into a coordinated solution management to benefit the team and the Company.  He possesses an overall understanding of the financial workings of the Company and always stays on top of current company finances as well as projecting and directing the company towards its ultimate financial goals.  He ensures the company as financially successful and profitable as possible by weighing in on products and services to determine what is likely to be profitable and what is not.